MON  4:00-7:00pm   Southwick Black Belt Martial Arts w/Kris

            7:45-8:45pm   Folkloric Del Sol w/Sergio

TUE   5:00-6:00pm   Adult Tap w/Angie

           6:00-7:00pm   Ballet w/Angie

           7:15-8:45pm   Ving Tsun/Kung Fu w/Jeff   

WED   4:00-7:00pm   Southwick Black Belt Martial Arts w/Kris

          7:15-8:30pm   Reflections

THU   6:00-7:00pm   Snake River Tribal ATS®

7:15-8:45pm   Ving Tsun/Kung Fu w/Jeff

FRI     5:00-6:00pm   Hip Hop and Jazz w/Angie

6:00-7:00pm   Ballet and Jazz w/Angie

SAT    9:00-10:00am   Zumba w/Sandra 

SUN   10:00-11:30am ATS® Belly Dance w/LaNae 


For class information, or if you’re interested in holding classes at Reflections, please call:

ATS® Belly Dance/Owner - LaNae                                 317-3990 

Ballet/HipHop/Jazz /Tap - Angie                                541-0126

Ballroom/Social Dance - Chelsea                              881-8324

Breakdance - Brenton                                               220-0967

Folkloric Del Sol - Sergio                                           227-6443

Martial Arts/Kris                                                        220-4200 

Ving Tsun/Kung Fu - Jeff                                         881-4056 

Zumba – Sandra                                                       681-3368